Thursday, October 17, 2013

This Is Not Good-Bye

Sorry folks  - there are no new photos this week. Instead, I have a bit of an announcement to make. But when you get to the bottom of the page, you will find the live music listings for this week, as always.

I began writing a blog in 2011 as a way to stretch my mind. I wanted to start writing just for the fun of writing, like I did so many years ago. I had read that writing a blog was a great way to exercise that part of the mind. If you go back to the early posts, you can see that I wrote about things other than music quite frequently. I was singing with Skynny Skynyrd back then – and would find myself going out to see other bands on our off weeks so I could get used to the late night weekend schedule. So I started writing about the bands I saw.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

So Much Live Music So Little Time

It was another whirlwind weekend in the Quad Cities live music scene. From a CD release party at a popular local venue to a benefit jam, from rock, to blues to country, the QC area has so much music to offer! Check it out...

Thursday, October 3, 2013

One Night of Music in the Quad Cities

Four bands, three shows, two venues in one night. (And a partridge in a pear tree…). Friday was a full night, representative of the diversity in musical tastes in the Quad-Cities.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Redstone Rock and Codfish Hollow

This week saw local bands opening for visiting bands, and a former QC artist opening Codfish Hollow.

Wednesday night’s RME opener was a local band, Comfort. Singer/guitarist … was obviously excited to be on the stage – he not only was opening the Redstone Room on his birthday, but he was opening for someone he liked! Comfort’s alt-rock originals were a good match for the night’s other acts.


Based out of Austin, Texas, duo Jamestown Revival brought their alt-rock with a southern twist to the Redstone. Their tight vocal harmonies are proof they have been working together for better than ten years. In band years, that is pretty much forever. Their current CD is a compilation of songs they wrote during a recent trip, including one called "California". They say that as they were leaving Texas to start their journey, a Texas trooper pulled them over and told them they were going the wrong way...

What happens when a post-punk musician switches genres? Well, Wednesday’s audience in the Redstone Room experienced it first-hand with Chuck Ragan. His vocal rasp and harmonica gave his music a Springsteen-esque tone.


Friday night, Jim the Mule started the weekend with an alt-country party on the RME Courtyard with Friday Live @ Five. The music kept folks dancing, which in turn kept them warm in the chilly fall breeze that blew through downtown Davenport.

The early fall chill (on the last night of summer) didn’t scare off the Codfish Hollow faithful Saturday night. Former QC musician Chris Coleslaw began the evening with his acoustic country and rock musings.


Indie rockers The Rushmores were up next. This Michigan-based group is known for their musical diversity, and they exhibited their chops for the Codfish crowd. 


Jonny Fritz seems to be the sort of guy who bursts into song at the suggestion of a word or phrase. His hilarious lyrics are framed inside of music that feels like running downhill.


It appeared that Frontier Ruckus had a built-in following at Codfish, as several people in the front row sang along with every song they played. They seemed to enjoy the intimate setting at the barn, even coming down off the stage to play an unannounced unplugged set.


If you’ve never seen Ghost Wolves before, don’t be fooled by the trappings. This is not traditional Native American music or folk music. Instead, welcome to hard-edged, high-energy, howling punk. While Carly Wolf danced and jumped around on stage, audience members howled their approval. 


The weekend also brought out acoustic musicians in Lindsay Park as artists and crafters displayed their wares at the Riverssance art fair. Over the noon hour, Maureen Carter (sans her Busted Chandeliers partners in crime) performed her original work and a handful of cover tunes on the stage. At least one of her originals was premiered on that stage – so new it had yet to be named.

This week:

Tonight- The Matchsellers are playing on the Community Stage at the RME Café, 2Peace has reggae night at Rookies, and the Harris Collection is playing at Blackhawk Bowl. RozzTox has a three-fer with RVIVR, Lipstick Homicide and ieatmyfriends.

Friday – The Final Friday Live @ 5 happens this week – in the courtyard at the RME, enjoy the Busted Chandeliers. Wide River Winery has Pieces of Candy, North of 40 is playing the Milan Community Center, and Powells are at Purgatory’s. The Muddy Waters has The Mercury Brothers, Nikki Hill with the Cod Ellis Band are playing RIBCO, and Wild Oatz are at 1 Hundred West. Night Light is at Bleyarts, Buddy Olson is at Rustic Ridge, and Hi-Fi can be found at Headquarters. The Redstone Room is hosting Buckwheat Zydeco, and Rascals has Flash Point. Rob Dahms and Detroit Larry Davison are at PepperJacks, 11th Street Precinct has Jason Carl and the Whole Damn Band, and Nuclear Plowboys are playing at The Rusty Nail. The Franti Project is at Brady Street Pub, and RozzTox has Truth & Salvage. Barrelhouse 211 has Acoustiphonic, while Barrelhouse Moline hosts Doug Brundies.

Saturday – Keep Off the Grass is playing at Go Fish, Purgatory’s has Simon Says Uncle, and The Muddy Waters is hosting Modern Mythology. The Tailfins are playing at the Col Ballroom, Rascals has Funktastic Five and Hardball is at The Rusty Nail. Caravan of Thieves is playing on the Community Stage at the RME and RozzTox has Tim Stopulos. Them Som’Bitches are playing at the Bier Stube, Rustic Ridge has Sunflower Slim and Ghost in the Garden, and Mommy’s Little Monster is playing at Martinis on the Rock. Caught in the Act is at the Torchlight, Chuck Murphy is playing The Docs Inn and Corporate Rock is at The Mound Street Landing.

There's something for everyone out there - so get out and support live music!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Summer is Fading Fast - Live Music is Not

Fall really is just around the corner – the first day of fall is Sunday, believe it or not. But the summer festival season is holding on with everything it has. Check out the schedule at the end of this week’s blog to see what a busy weekend it will be.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

So Much Live Music in the QC

Hold on to your hats – this week’s blog is a whirlwind. Four days and ELEVEN bands sounds like a festival, doesn’t it? But it wasn’t. It was just another Quad-Cities live music weekend. And there was so much more…

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Little Shameless Self Promotion

I’ve been into cameras since I was a little girl. I received my first point-and-shoot camera as a Christmas gift when I was 10. All of my allowance money went into film and developing. Looking back at those early years, most of my photos were pretty crappy. But there were a lot of them. And I shot all sorts of odd things. My mother would say “now why would you want a picture of that?”